About Us
About us

About us

Wax&Go is a network of premium hair removal and nail care salons. Founded in 2009 by Maria Ginzburg and Georgy Paniashvili, Wax&Go forever changed the very concept of waxing. It is no longer an excruciating experience; instead of flinching at the word ‘depilation’, our guests say it with pleasure! This is because we work with the best professionals, use the best equipment possible, and choose the world's best waxes and skin care products by Lycon. A cozy, inviting, warm atmosphere in our salons also plays its role.

Our Mission

Since 2009, more than a hundred thousand guests have enjoyed our services. Today, we strive to become the leader in our field in Russia and beyond. As always, top quality treatments, world-class care, and the highest safety standards remain our utmost priority.

Our Values


We work in the field of beauty, so we try to create an atmosphere of joy, pleasure and unconditional care. It is important that our guests always feel welcomed and want to repeat the experience.


The commitment to perfection is the essence and heart of everything we do; we keep it in mind when we develop our beauty rituals, treatments, and new products. It is the infinite dedication to perfection that sets Wax&Go far above the competition.


Years of hard work really matter, but without innovations others would probably outperformed us. Things that worked well in past may not work today, and we always think about surpassing the expectations. Our guests love fresh ideas and we will never get tired of looking for new ways to please and surprise them.


‘Team’ is not just a word. It means everything to us! We are efficient and enjoy our work exactly because of who we are and how we work together. We believe that nothing is impossible with teamwork. This and a sense of purpose and mutual support are our key pillars.


We respect our guests, our colleagues, and our community. And obviously, we respect ourselves.

Our Advantages


Ultimate quality of our services and the care for our guests are the root of our success. The future of the company depends on these standards; whatever your role in Wax&Go, you are personally responsible for our common goals and for making our dreams come true.
Our strongest point is loving care for our guests, but also for our employees. We invest in regular training, develop competences, offer opportunities for career growth. Our team members have access to our services and products on special conditions and enjoy benefits from our partners.



We are a team of professionals who love their work. This is due to a fine-tuned onboarding process and education at all stages of the career ladder. We engage technologists and professional coaches to teach, mentor, and supervise the workflow; standards and methods in this respect apply throughout the network.

Join Us

Wax&Go is a large, modern, and successful Russian company. We are excited to expand our business globally and are open for new discoveries and interesting people!



Nail service masters

To send a resume

Wax&Go is looking for talented nail service masters! If you know the file technique of the manicure (or you have experience in other techniques), you want to develop and be part of the culture of impeccable service — we will be happy to consider your resume.

The main responsibilities include:

1) carrying out an uncut manicure and pedicure with a flawless coating;
2) performing hand and foot care procedures;
3) customers consultation for home care routine.


Masters of hair removal

To send a resume

Wax&Go is looking for beauticians specialists in hair removal! If you have relevant experience in working with waxes or lasers. You know perfectly well that epilation is not just hair removal, but skin care, then we will be happy to consider your resume.

The main responsibilities include:

1) carrying out Lycon and/or laser waxing on Alma Lasers;
2) carrying out wax correction and eyebrow coloring;
3) recommendation to customers home care products: choice of brands presented in the salon;
4) preparation of the cabinet for the guest arrival.